champion jockey, Kate Walsh, looks very much like adult Alex

From top left to right:
1) Alex the day Ashley died (12/13)
2) Alex around the time she meets Dejado (14/15)
3) Alex at age 16/17
4) Alex, age 19, pre-England
5) Alex early 20's, post-Ireland
6) Alex mid-late 20's

Our passionate leading lady







Abandoned as an infant, Alex escaped a horrible group home after her first love, Ashley, was murdered.

Taking matters into her own hands, Alex meant to retalliate against their caretaker, but ended up shooting her in self defense.

Alex ran, fearing she'd be incarcerated, only to collapse at the gates of North Oak, which she is secretly the heir to.

Full name: Alexandra Paige Anderson

Birthdate: October 18

Height: 5'6"

Related to: Stevenson Luther North, owner of North Oak (uncle), his late sister Angelina North (Alex's mother), and Regina Anderson (Alex's sister).

#spoiler: Marries one of her closest friends...

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Alex's Playlist

Only Us-- Dear Evan Hansen

She Keeps Me Warm -- Mary Lambert

Jessie's Girl -- Mary Lambert

Dear One -- Mary Lambert

Sofia -- Clairo

Silk Chiffon -- Phoebe Bridgers

Take Me to Church -- Hozier

Wouldn't it Be Nice -- Beach Boys

What Makes You Beautiful-- One Direction

The Grove -- Caroline Daves